Pilgrim's Labyrinth

A new online series, set in a world that strangely mirrors our own.



Pilgrim's Labyrinth is the working title for what promises to be an epic series, revolving around several characters who are trapped inside a maze full of traps and mortal danger. Through trials and tribulations, they attempt to solve the fantastical Labyrinth, and escape with thier lives... or rather, their souls.

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Amazing Characters

John Bunyan's characters in his classic story Pilgrim's Progress, are not merely fantasy figures to aid the epic adventure  along. More importantly they serve the plot, a plot that strangely mirrors our own in real life, each being a critical piece to drive the protagonist to his ultimate destiny. Heaven, or Hell.

Epic Locations

Pilgrim's Labyrinth will take advantage of the latest technology in computer rendering to deliver some of the most fantastic environments you've ever seen in film or TV! Combining this with a practical approach to film making will create a world that feels real, an important element considering the material.

Shot in UHD (Ultra-High Definition)

 Pilgrim's Labyrinth will be produced in 4K UHD, the same resolution as most IMAX theaters! It will also feature some incredible visual effects, courtesy of everything we learned over the years while making Genesis: Paradise Lost!  

Loose Adaptation

 Will it be a loose adaptation, or will we create an entirely different cast of characters and plot? We're not sure yet, but the main concept will remain intact. Our core goal is to help believers navigate life through Biblical storytelling. 



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